Caring, Sharing & Company Ltd: We Don’t Just Change Your Life, We Enhance It

We now live in a society where people are living longer than ever before. This is something that Caring, Sharing & Company Ltd are very aware of, and this awareness sits at the core of our values and aims. We recently attended a debate which articulated something we have been thinking for a long time. The motion was:

“Walking sticks by Prada. Hearing aids by Nike. Why not?”

To paraphrase, why are products and services aimed at the over-60s always marketed to seem boring, simple and wholly unglamorous? People do not suddenly stop caring about aesthetics when they get older. But famously, manufacturers often make designers go back to the drawing board, criticizing them for designing products for the over-60s and making them too ‘cool’ and ‘attractive’, asking them to make them look more ‘beige’ and ‘practical’. Products can be suited to the needs of older people at the same time as being attractive and sexy. Apple’s main selling point is that its products are easy to use and practical as well as being very attractive from a design point-of-view!
This is something that Caring, Sharing and Company Ltd do too, and it sets us apart from other homecare and property adaptation providers. All of our property adaptations are sleek and have sophisticated designs. We do not convert people’s homes into hospitals that enforce the idea that they are ‘disabled’ in some way, but instead enhance people’s environment to meet their new and changing needs. We ensure that our clients genuinely enjoy and want their newly enhanced homes, whereas standard property adaptations tend to be additions that people feel that they have to have, even if they don’t fit in with their aesthetic tastes.

Caring, Sharing & Company embraces the future. We look at new ways of doing things, rather than using a traditional, non-inquisitive approach. We use technology to bring people closer together and allow people to retain their dignity, autonomy and . CSC is a unique institution that empowers people, provides dignity, stimulation and a sense of dignity.

Ageing does not need to be something that we shy away from, or cover up. We should glamorize age. Why not celebrate the fact that as we age, we have more stories, more experiences, more wisdom and more memories to share and entertain with? This is something that people are coming to realize, but not quickly enough! The clothing line American Apparel is one company that has its finger on the pulse: they recently used a 62-year-old model for their lingerie campaign.

Jacky, a 62-year-old woman, in the American Apparel ad campaign

Clearly, attractive design and age do not have to be mutually exclusive. We understand this at Caring, Sharing & Company Ltd. If you are maturing and have new lifestyle requirements, but don’t want to sacrifice good design and aesthetics, you know who to call!