The Director of Caring, Sharing & Company Ltd, Andrew Cowen, is one of the panellists at ANY QUESTIONS this Friday. ANY QUESTIONS is a monthly panel debate in Friern Barnet Community Library, at which local, national and international issues are discussed by interesting experts from a range of different fields.

In anticipation of the event, we at Caring, Sharing & Company Ltd have been thinking about Barnet Council, and the ways in which it could be improved.

It’s clear that Barnet Council needs a more integrated approach when it comes to using the great creative minds in the area. The council needs to adapt to the people in the area, rather than forcing everybody to abide by the arbitrary bureaucratic systems they have in place.

At events like ANY QUESTIONS, some fantastic ideas are brought to the table. The fact is, even presenting these ideas to the council requires a lot of time and effort. Proposals are time-consuming, and from the very beginning, it feels like you have to jump through hoops, or you’re being held back by red tape.

What’s needed is an intermediary: someone who can take the ideas from events such as ANY QUESTIONS, organise them in a way that is presentable to the council, and bring about change. A facilitator like this would allow us to harness the great intelligence and ingenuity that exists in the area. People in Barnet really care about their community. Their ideas are inspired by their expertise gained living, working and breathing here.

Their ideas should be listened to. The Council should use these local experts to empower the community.

ANY QUESTIONS will be held at 7.30pm on Friday, 21st November at Friern Barnet Library.