Our Approach to Home Care

Caring Sharing & Company originated from the founder’s own experience over 5years of caring for several of his relatives.Prior to setting up the company, the founder, Andrew Cowen, had experienced a wide and varying range of services and their respective quality of service i.e. domiciliary care agencies, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and respite resources, and noted their failings as well as their advantages. Based on these experiences, the founder wanted to make a real difference to the quality of care received by his own elderly family members as well as that of others.

went out to westfield

From these simple observations evolved the firm belief in looking after the elderly by:

  • Keeping the elderly safe and in their own home
  • Avoid institutional care for as long as possible or indefinitely
  • Person centred home care care planning should be based on an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the person being looked after
  • Good infrastructure and property adaptations to make caring more pleasant and easier to manage
  • Good training of care staff, so that they fully understand the illness, condition or disability
  • Supporting the family and neighbours to become more engaged and better informed
  • Better pro-active interaction of outside resources i.e. daycare, hospital, GP, consultants and social services
  • Feedback to ensure timely reporting and communication across the board
  • Use of assistive technologies (telecare/telehealth) when it is deemed appropriate. These technologies are designed to empower the elderly and their families improve safety and security, reduce stress and increase the quality of one’s life and lifestyle fro both the elderly person and the family.