Brochure: General Service Brochure

An outline of all our services.

Brochure: Homecare Fully Managed Service

Outline of our fully managed, CQC compliment, homecare service.

Brochure: Nightmare to Nightcare

An entry point live-in homecare package, similar to an au-pair arrangement with one or two carers living in and job sharing as appropriate.

Brochure: Homecare Self-Managed Service

Manage your own care package ideal for Direct Payment or families with a small budget

Brochure: MyWAY™

Membership of a service to support those who are self-managing their own care packages

Brochure: Assistive Technologies

An outline of the way we can use appropriate technologies to support people living alone

Brochure: Property Adaptation

Our approach to property adaptation to help the elderly remain in their own home and sustain dignity, lifestyle and independent living

Brochure: TalkAbout®


10 Signs of Dementia

Early indicators and symptoms that are common behavioural signs of a possible dementia

STD Life History Summary

This is used to create reminiscence triggers to stimulate conversation between a family members or 3rd party carers to them engage with an elderly person.

Livingroom Risk Assessment & Hazards

A livingroom can be a treacherous place for children, adults and seniors in a family home. This cartoon can be used, in an amusing way, to create awareness of the hazards within a livingroom. How many risks you can find?

Stairs Risk Assessment & Hazards

Stairs are a common place for children, adults and seniors to have accidents. This is an amusing way to help increase awareness of some of these risks in this area of the home. How many risks can you find?

Kitchen Risk Assessment & Hazards

We all spend lots of time in the Kitchen  – its the hub of the family home. BUT it can also be fraught with hazards for all ages. The combination of activities, utilities and function is a cocktail of risks. How many can you find?

STD Continuing Care Notes to assessment New DST for NHS continuing healthcare 2012 (2)

NHS Continuing Care, unlike social care, is not means tested. However, there are government national guidelines but these can be widely interpreted to the detriment of those seeking help adn financial support. It would be wise to read these guidelines and then complete the “eligibility check list” before proceeding.

STD NHS Continuing Care eligability checklist

NHS Continuing Care Assessment Pack