We provide live-in and live-out homecare for the elderly and the physically or mentally frail. We also specialise in supporting those with dementia and their families.

Our services are unique in their flexibility, innovation and new ways of working like our starter Nightmare to Nightcare’ homecare package.  We also offer fully-managed and self-managed services: whatever your needs are, we are here to cater for them!

Our unique approach to supporting the client-carer-family relationship is rooted in founder Andrew Cowen’s own extensive experience as a family carer. We place a strong emphasis on nurturing and empowering those we care for by encouraging them to lead a full and rich life, to pursue their interests and engage with local community support networks.

This innovation and high standard of care is maintained through our vision, quality education and mentoring that we deliver to our staff and the families we support.

As experts in social health care we use our knowledge, skills and experience to offer impartial advice, support and, if required, practical assistance with all aspects of caring for an elderly person.

We offer a fully-managed or a self-managed service. Whatever your needs are, we are here to support them! Budget and circumstances.

We consider ourselves a modern hybrid solution to homecare needs, incorporating assistive technologies or advising and implementing property adaptations for independent living. We add more value than your average traditional homecare agency. We work as a team!

We are proactive in gaining/pursuing as many resources from the HS or social services. Appeals and applications for support – be it financial or physical.

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