care in the home for the elderly homepageWe provide live-in or live-out domiciliary care in the client’s home. This means we look after all your personal care and hygiene, as well providing general domestic services like laundry, light cleaning, shopping and companionship.

This care in the home is geared towards empowering the client and helping them retain their dignity, self-esteem and privacy.

Homecare sometimes refereed to as domiciliary care, is heavily regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – and rightly so. We are inspected regularly and monitored to ensure that we comply with all the CQC’s national standards. This gives clients a much-needed assurance, but it also entails considerable overheads. This is why we also offer a alternative self-managed service to to meet the meeds of those with tighter budges.

However, for our managed services’s clients, because of their situation, circumstances, preference, or if they are funded by the NHS on ‘Continuing Care’, will need the reassurance of a fully-managed and robust service.


Our managed live-in or live-out care in the home service broadly includes the following processes:

  1. Introduction.A ‘no obligation’ meeting to introduce our service and be briefed on the client’s needs.
  2. Service Contract.We issue a contract outlining the service, cost, terms and conditions.
  3. Set-up & documentation.We are obliged to set-up and update a documentation set, including risk assessments, care plans, medication charts etc.
  4. Recruitment.We carefully match client to carer(s) in order to get the best possible fit. We have a good track record of lasting relationships and a low staff turnover.
  5. Induction.We help client and carer settle in together and adjust to the new surroundings, location, routines and arrangements with client.
  6. Training.We go beyond fulfilling our statutory and compliancy obligations to train all staff in a wide selection of topics to ensure the carer meets and exceeds nation qualifications, career development and competences in the work place
  7. On-going support.As the client needs evolve, we adapt the service accordingly. We comply with CQC standards through regular monitoring and reviews, backed up by detailed audit trails.