What is Self-Managed Homecare?

Under the government’s personalisation programme, and in particular Direct Payments, you can now manage your own care needs and employ your own carers as opposed to hiring an agency. Self-managed homecare differs from a managed service where it puts you in control with full responsibility. This is in contrast to the agency that manages the care package and has full employer responsibility.

Self-managed care has advantages/disadvantages and also carries obligations. On the one hand, it is more flexible, cheaper, gives you control and puts you in charge of your budget. On the other, it means taking responsibility for some aspects that might be unfamiliar to you, such as recruiting and training staff or fulfilling an employer’s legal and statutory obligations, e.g. tax matters and dealing with health & safety issues.

The good news is that we can help you to decide which is best for you, managed or self-managed and which of the broadly speaking seven levels of self-managed support that you can organise for yourself and which ones you would prefer to delegate to us.

Unlike traditional homecare providers, we offer you the option of a managed or self-managed homecare service. We also incorporate, when appropriate, assistive technologies into the care planning to make you and your family even more supported, safer, independent and empowered.

We help you to create your own person centred care, individual homecare package tailored to your specific needs to meet your personal circumstances and budget constraints.

Benefits of Self-Managed Homecare:

  • More choice and flexibility
  • You choose who to employ and what to prioritise
  • Reduced cost of homecare
  • Focus on your needs and preferences
  • Sense of empowerment and demonstrating that you are in control
  • Less reliance on others
  • You take full responsibility for yourself
  • Not subject to Care Quality Commission constraints and associated costs
  • Free first-year membership of MyWAY™ support service offering three quarterly, free reviews, discounts and telephone advice

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