Employee Benefits

  • The position is ideal for care workers who are looking to use their time in the UK to work, study and develop their careers. We provide our care workers with access to over one hundred, UK accredited training programmes and regular employment.
  • We do not operate a bank staff system of carers. We believe offering less then less than two hours per client visit, is an abuse of staff and those they support.
  • We also do not operate a two week on, two week off care rota. We believe this is disruptive for both the staff and the client especially if they have a dementia.
  • Employment live-in package includes: FREE board and lodging plus access to WiFi. You will have no bills to pay for food and accommodation.
  • Some live-in positions can be offered to two carers or friends who want to job-share. (NO couples)

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Over 30 years of age mature females
  • Must have good, clear spoken English and be able to cook English as well as other European cuisine.
  • Experience in caring for the elderly and those with dementia and ideally some experience in homecare and supporting those with dementia.
  • Reliable, responsible and compassionate and have a caring personality
  • Able to demonstrate a positive attitude and the ability to motivate and stimulate those they care for
  • Abel to use their own initiative, be creative and work on their own
  • Current UK work visa. (No students)
  • All care workers are required to provide three professional references
  • All relevant documentation to be provided in a digital format

To apply please compete our Application Form.  Please do not forget to attach your CV when completing your application. THANK YOU