From Nightmare to Night Care

Nightmare to Night Care is a service designed to help relatively autonomous elderly people, or those with early stages of dementia, to remain safely and confidently in their own homes. It can cut the cost of traditional home care service without compromising the quality of care.

Many elderly or mentally or physically frail people live independently and need only an hour or so of assistance and companionship in the morning and evening. During the day, they may have a social life in or out of the home or are happy and safe to remain at home alone. But night time often brings anxieties and/or confusion; they may fall, or need help with personal matters or become frightened. Having a carer on hand provides reassurance and peace of mind to all concerned. See Client Comments

How does Nightmare to Night Care, package work?

The principle is to ensure that the client gets the daytime help they need whilst ensuring that there is always a trained carer on the premises in case there is a night-time emergency:

  • Two carers job share
  • One of the two carers helps the client for a minimum of 2 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • One carer remains on the property 7 nights a week (thus getting free board and lodging) but not working
  • The carers work out between themselves how to meet this provision

Benefits of Nightmare to Night Care

It’s a win/win benefit to the client, carers and family

Client benefits

  • Constant night-time presence at relatively low cost
  • Scalable and flexible, offering additional care from familiar carer if required
  • Supporting dignity and independence and allaying anxieties
  • Sustainable long-term
  • Greater staff retention
  • creating a little ‘family unit can reduce isolation
  • Reduced staff burnout and de-motivation
  • Less reliance on just one carer
  • Safety in numbers working as a team supporting each other
  • Reduced staff burnout and de-motivation
  • Avoiding use of irregular and often unreliable ‘bank staff’

Carer benefits

  • Long term free board and accommodation
  • Job share enabling carer greater flexibility and time off
  • Opportunity to study in spare time and maintain their social lives
  • Regular paid employment
  • Greater personal fulfilment in getting to know the person they support and their family
  • Increased familiarity with the location and their surroundings
  • A greater sense of permanence to their lives ‘home’ and ‘belong’

Benefits to family

Many adult sons and daughters, frequently find themselves torn between work commitments, their own young families, and needy parents. Nightmare to Nightcare offers an entry point to a fully-managed home care, live-in service that is affordable. It offers the family peace of mind and a robust care support infrastructure that they do not have to manage.

The Nightmare to Nightcare package can also be further supported by Assistive Technologies to promote further independence and independent living.

Client Comments – Nightmare to Nightcare package

One of the key benefits is that the carers will respond immediately in an emergency. Because they live in, they are a constant presence in the life of the person they support and have a detailed understanding of their care needs. They provide safety and reassurance at night as well as valuable companionship. And the big plus is that you only pay for additional care if and when you need it.
Andrew Cowen, MD of Caring Sharing & Company

Many people with elderly parents are looking for an affordable way to enable them to remain safely in their own homes, preserving their dignity and independence and allaying anxieties. The so-called “sandwich generation” – adult sons and daughters, frequently find themselves torn between work commitments, their own young families, and needy parents.

My elderly mother would be lying in bed, waiting in soiled night cloths and bedding for some help to arrive. Not only was it demeaning and embarrassing for her but after a while she was in and out of hospital with urinary infections and increasing levels of confusion. It’s been almost impossible to get help at night when it’s needed, which is affordable.
Jodie, single mother of three teenagers who lives 50 miles from her 82-year-old mother with early stages of dementia.

Most of all I worry about having a fall if I get up in the night and lying there unable to call for help.
79-year-old Martha, a fiercely independent woman with a heart condition who is determined to stay in her own home.

My 85-year-old mother is able to manage on her own during the day, but was becoming increasingly anxious at night, and I was losing sleep worrying about her being alone. This package is perfect for our needs and my mother is much less stressed knowing help is always on hand.
Steve, a busy professional.

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