Independent Living Adaptations

property adaptation

Disability property adaptations for independent living, helps the elderly to remain indefinitely in their own homes. Designed in conjunction with an architect and occupational therapist, the property is adapted to meet the requirements of those with mental or physical needs. We do not turn your home into a hospital, or a grumpy space. but we instead transform it into an environment that matches your lifestyle preferences, your independent living needs, incorporating both functionality and aesthetics.

Good design has proved to help families reduce stress, carer more easily and for longer. Research and our experience has shown that the most frequent reason why families give up on providing homecare is being unable to manage an elderly person’s personal hygiene, incontinence or challenging behaviours.

Our professional team, act as disability property adaptation consultants, advising on design, layout, equipment, Smart Home and Assistive Technologies, adaptation grants, from the planning process right though to the finished development.

Enderley BEFORE


Enderley AFTER




Hampstead BEFORE


Hampstead AFTER



Edgeware AFTER


Edgeware BEFORE




Hendon (in progress)

Research shows that more than 85% of elderly people wish to remain in their own homes. We believe that with the right infrastructure, there is no need for an elderly person to be relocated to an institutional care setting such as a hospital, hospice, or a residential or nursing home.

Advantages: Safety & Quality of Life and Care

  • Better infrastructure results in better, safer care for the elderly person and the family carer
  • Good facilities help reduce stress and prolong an elderly person’s care in the their own home and avoid or delay having to resort to alternative, costly institutional care options
  • Less risk of carer or elderly person hurting themselves
  • Elderly people can have a much better quality of life in their own homes, compared with institutional care settings
  • Help retain dignity and self-esteem, encourage independence

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