Our Ideal Employee, Carer Profile

When employing carers we seek a combination of qualities that we believe are ideal for looking after an elderly person in their own home.

Our carers are therefore:

  • Well educated, and they speak and write good English.
  • Must have a UK work visa and a legal right to work in the UK for more than 35hrs/week.
  • Carers applying for a position in the company will have either a recognised UK care qualification or a form of health support qualification from their own country of origin, such as physiotherapy occupational therapy or nutrition. In some cases other alternative or non-pharmacological therapies are acceptable.

Recruitment Class

  • They are mature, family oriented people, used to a quiet home life shared amongst friends and relatives, remaining at home rather then seeking to get out and about.
  • Our carers are very traditional in their family values and often see those they look after as an away-from-home aunt or uncle, treating those they look after as if they were their own family.
  • They want to make a difference to a person’s quality of life through motivation and stimulation.
  • Empowering a person by enabling and supporting those they look after to do things safely themselves or assist where necessary.

These are important qualities that make our carers pro-active in providing an excellent service in a safe, loving, and dignified environment.