I’ve known Andrew for some time. Most importantly, I’ve heard him speak and talked to him about elderly care and also developments in health technology in which he specialises. There is no doubt that Andrew is an expert in his field and has genuine enthusiasm for and commitment to his professional field. A great person to turn to for advice, provision of care services, and also to learn about some of the amazing wearable health technology currently available and likely to appear in the future. Always engaging personally and an entertaining speaker, Andrew is one of those ‘go to’ people in his specialist fields.

Jon Whycer Mach6Media

‘Caring Sharing & Company offers invaluable support and advice on matters related to care of the elderly, particularly those suffering with dementia.
The Director, Andrew Cowen is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and, as a past family carer now running a home care agency, readily shares his expertise, experience and insight.

2014-01-18 17.19.49
He was particularly helpful in drawing our attention to the issue of NHS Continuing Care, non-means tested funding, which is not well known, and providing links to other organisations and websites relevant to the problems our family is experiencing.
We have been really struggling to cope recently and I am hugely grateful to Caring Sharing & Company for steering us through the bewildering landscape of care for the elderly’.

Judith Alsop: Daughter & family carer returning back from France to care for elderly parents

Satisfaction rating: 5/5 Date: 24/01/2015


‘I was totally exhausted trying to help and care for my father. A friend recommended Caring Sharing & Company (CSC) as they themselves had also used the company for their parents who also had dementia.
It was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Not only did CSC understand my stress, frustration and, I have to be honest, ANGER, but they were also able to communicate with my father in a way that he could understand and relate to.
Even though my father was in denial about his condition, CSC was able to apply strategies that eventually reduced his challenging behaviours. They put in place a wonderful team of regular and reliable cares and some assistive technologies that supported and empowered my father but also reassured me and stopped me worrying. The technologies also helped him to remain safely in his own home and reduced the cost of night care.Hymie Birthday '04 060
Over the last 3years, CSC have been with me every step of the way in this care journey and helped stimulate and keep my father active for as long as he was able.
THANK YOU Caring Sharing & Company – the company I could not have done without’!

Ros Schwartz: Daughter with sole responsibility for supporting elderly father

Satisfaction rating: 5/5 Date: 19/12/2014

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I wanted to express my sincerely thanks for all you are doing for my Mother. As you know, things had become somewhat “difficult”, as we are predominately based outside the UK. We can’t believe the change in such a short time. She has gone from being a virtual recluse with no purpose and no real desire to participate in life to the Mother we once knew with a sparkle back in her eyes. To hear she is now out and about and once again going food shopping, to a re-found pride in her appearance, is all down to the wonderful care and experience you have with the elderly.

Reading Cooking bookYour service has been above and beyond. From arranging doctors appointments and altering schedules to accommodate these, to teaching her how to begin to look after herself. I bless the day we discovered your services and for the peace of mind you have given us as a family. There are no words to truly express our gratitude.

Simon & Pippa B…: Son & daughter-in-law living aboard, needing help for mother in N. London

Satisfaction rating: 5/5 Date: 14/10/2014


‘It was really nice to meet you Andrew and hear about the services that you provide for carers and sufferers of dementia and other ageing disabilities. I really like your truly practical and positive approach to how people can be better supported’.Grimes Activity Park Jun'12  (6)

Clare P…: Daughter seeking solution for parents in Central London

Satisfaction rating: 5/5 Date: 26/07/2014


‘Caring Sharing & Co Ltd provided a very helpful service that enabled me to self-manage my own care supported by Caring Sharing resources, professionalism and ongoing advice. As a result, my care is what I want, how I want and when I want it. It’s very cost-effective and I feel empowered. Thank you Caring Sharing’.Dad Maureen & Ros & Kids Aug'14 (4)

Mary Ann Nelson: Daughter managing ‘Direct Payments’ supporting elderly parents and her grandchildren. 

Satisfaction rating: 5/5 Date: 05/06/2014

Broxborn Hse Asso

‘I would like to thank you and compliment you on the 2 day training event you delivered to my sheltered and supported housing managers.

The event was a great success. I have had very positive feedback from the 15 delegates who attended and some very encouraging anecdotes of its effectiveness in changing people’s perceptions and attitudes in the workplace.

The course empowered the managers to be able to identify when they needed to seek the help of external agencies and on what grounds they could insist on escalating care issues in support of those residents for whom they have ultimate responsibility.

As a result of the training we have also reviewed our policy and procedures relating to the new Mental Health Capacity Act 2005 to include your suggestions on compliance by implementing a simple but effective piece of documentation in support of our managers’ responsibilities’.

Deborah Fenton: Retirement Housing Manager, On behalf of Director of Housing

Satisfaction rating: 5/5 Date: 25/09/07